Tectona MEL system

Tectona, an impact investment firm, overcame manual data analysis challenges by developing the MEL Platform, revolutionising project management.


Tectona struggled with manual data analysis inefficiencies, hampering project management effectiveness.


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Automating data analysis for precise results across diverse organisations using the MEL platform.

About tectona mel

Tectona, an impact investment firm supporting emerging market enterprises, faced hurdles in labor-intensive, error-prone manual data analysis, affecting project management efficiency. To combat these issues, they initiated the transformative MEL Platform development for automated, standardized data analysis, revolutionizing project management.

The challenge

The primary challenges facing Tectona were associated with the labor-intensive and error-prone nature of manual data analysis processes. Relying on these methods not only consumed valuable time and resources but also introduced the risk of inaccuracies in impact analysis. These challenges called for a fundamental shift in the approach to project management, paving the way for the development of the MEL Platform.

The Solution

MEL platform,a system designed to automate data analysis. This innovative platform efficiently collects and validates data from diverse organizations, each with unique logistics and datasets, ultimately delivering precise impact analysis upon project completion. The MEL Platform leverages advanced technologies to eliminate time-consuming manual work, enabling a standardized approach to data analysis.


The introduction of the MEL Platform has significantly enhanced efficiency and resulted in substantial time and resource savings. Tectona can now make well-informed investment decisions by precisely measuring the impact of their investments, ensuring resources are effectively allocated.

The platform enables cross-project comparisons, allowing Tectona to identify best practices and continually refine their investment strategy. With accurate, real-time impact data at their fingertips, project managers can make data-driven decisions, ultimately leading to more successful projects.

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