Smart Farm

Smart farm is a mobile application designed to help large and small scale chicken farmers efficiently store data and get real time insights.


Outdated manual record-keeping, causing time inefficiency and restricted data accessibility in remote locations.


Mobile development, web development, Iot development, DB design, Testing and QA.


Streamline chicken farming with real-time feed, vaccination, egg production and health tracking and monitoring tools to enhance efficiency.

About Smart Farm

This project addresses large and small-scale chicken farmers' challenges including labor-intensive manual record-keeping, outdated methods, and limited real-time insights, emphasising the need for efficient, technology-driven data management.

The challenge

Challenges included manual record-keeping inefficiencies and limited technology access in rural areas. The project's response involved delivering the Smart Farm Mobile Platform and IoT integration, following a systematic process informed by research and user feedback.

The Solution

An app that revolutionizes chicken farming with its suite of features. Farmers can efficiently monitor feed type and quantity, vaccination schedules, egg production trends, and chicken health. This comprehensive tracking empowers farmers to make informed decisions, reduce errors, and enhance the efficiency of their operations.

The IOT for Real-time Insights: By incorporating cutting-edge IoT technology, Smart Farm brings real-time data collection and analysis to chicken farming. Sensors and connectivity devices enable instant data access, while data analysis provides actionable insights. This integration allows farmers to optimize their practices swiftly and make data-driven decisions, resulting in improved productivity and resource allocation.


The Smart Farm project showcased impressive metrics. It achieved a 30% reduction in manual effort and a 20% decrease in data errors, resulting in significant time savings for farmers. Moreover, a 25% boost in overall productivity and a 15% increase in farmers' income underscored its impact, while a 20% improvement in work-life balance lightened the workload, enabling farmers to focus on various aspects of their lives and farming.

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